Sunday, October 23, 2022

The Hate is the Whole Point

That is what CNN's Jake Tapper concludes, after visiting the leading social media platforms.

Piers Morgan Uncensored presents The Kanye 'Ye' West Interview With Piers Morgan. Morgan says he has no reason to doubt the coroner's opinion about the cause of death.

There is plenty reason to doubt it, as the case was so politicized.

NPR reports:

After George Floyd was killed by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in 2020, Maryland's former Chief Medical Examiner Dr. David Fowler was called in as a defense witness for the 2021 trial.

On the stand, Fowler testified that, based on his study of the forensic evidence, Floyd's death should be classified as "undetermined" and not a homicide, due to a medley of factors including heart disease, drug use and carbon monoxide exposure. ...

As a result, officials in Maryland launched a review last year of similar "in-custody" death reports that were performed during Fowler's tenure at the helm of the state medical examiner's office.

Now, that probe has spurred further scrutiny.

So Fowler expressed a reasonable opinion, and now everything he has ever done has been scrutinized in the hopes of finding something to blame him for.

Who wants that? In the USA today, if you want to hold a job of some responsibility and importance, there are certain things that you have to go along with, regardless of your personal opinion. One of them is that George Floyd's death proves systemic discrimination against Blacks.

Fowler apparently had such impeccable credentials that he could deviate somewhat. But he still didn't tell the truth.

The truth is that it is impossoble for Chauvin to have killed Floyd, because no human has ever been killed in that manner. Nobody could find any example of it happening before. Believing that Chauvin killed Floyd is like believing in witchcraft.

Morgan also challenged West on his "Death Con 3" comment, acknowledging that it means a state of military readiness. Morgan complained that the comment was not directed at the Jews who have harmed or censored West, arguing that other Jews have taken offense.

I actually doubt that other Jews have taken offense. It is just an excuse to exercise Jewish power and blackball him.

Update: The Daily Stormer writes today:

It’s very unclear why the Jews tried to make their attempts to destroy Ye so obvious, but they did do that.

They’re saying that it is evil for this guy to say that Jews are powerful, then the entire world comes out to shut him down. It makes absolutely no sense at all, and everyone is seeing this, and black people especially are saying that the Jews are in control.

Frankly, it is not even debatable that the Jews are in control, and if anyone tries to debate that after what has happened to Ye, that person is a dangerous moron or a diabolical liar.

As far as I’m concerned “do the Jews control everything?” is a settled matter. We know the answer to this. We already had all of the documentation about them controlling all of the institutions of power, but now we have this massive public spectacle that no one can deny.

At this point, we are ready to move on to the question of “what does it mean that Jews control everything in America?” and “is this good?”

Jews have the power, and we know they have the power. So we need to ask what they are doing with that power.

Is basing the entire economy on usury good? Are all of these wars good? Is it good to indoctrinate children to hate themselves and be trannies? What about mass immigration? Is that good? Feminism? The coronavirus hoax? The green agenda? Mass pornography? Legalized drugs?

If you think this is all very good, then you shouldn’t really have a problem with the Jews controlling everything. However, if these things are bad, we need to talk about perhaps asking these people to leave our country.

It’s clear that a lot of people do not like the direction that Jews are driving this country, and that is why they destroy you for saying that Jews are the ones with power. Instead, they promote dumb conspiracy theories about there being a secret group of white men who no one can name who control America – and who also, for some reason, are at war with white men.

But with that hoax blown wide open, it’s time to have the serious discussion about this relationship that the American people have with the Jews.

No, I cannot link to it, because the site has been blocked.

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