Thursday, October 20, 2022

Expect a Crooked Election

The Federalist reports:
Democrats throughout the political and corporate media spheres are attempting to normalize delayed election results in highly contested states ahead of Election Day, forecasting that final vote totals might not be fully known until well after Nov. 8.

During a Zoom call with reporters last week, Pennsylvania’s acting secretary of state, Leigh Chapman, said that Americans should not be surprised if the state doesn’t have final election results on election night this November,

It is not hard to have all thevotes cast and counted in one day. Countries all over the world do it.

Anything else is crooked. I do not see any excuse for it.

Pennsylvania does not even follow its own constitution on voting, as mail-in votes are prohibited, with only narrow exceptions. I do not see any excuse for it.

Every day I hear the press complaining about Republican results. Nobody should accept results, unless they are cast and counted with outside observers in a day, and following the written laws. Our election system is a joke.

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