Sunday, July 10, 2022

The African Population Bomb

Steve Sailer reports on the world's most important graph:
In 1950, there were three Europeans for every sub-Saharan African. By 2005 the ratio was one to one. In 2022, there are 1.55 Africans for every European, and by 2050 there should be three Africans for every European. And out in the mists of 2100, the UN is projecting almost six sub-Saharans for each European.
At the end of this century, which will have been more important? That sea level went up three feet, or that Black African demographically replaced Europeans?

Remember the story about US Border Patrol agents on horseback whipping illegal aliens to keep them out? The NY Times now reports that investigation proved the claim to be completely false, but agents are being punished anyway because:

Some accused the United States of discriminating against Black migrants in its immigration system, which the administration has denied.

Mr. Magnus said one particularly denigrating comment stood out. One of the agents on horseback was recorded telling a Haitian migrant, “This is why your country’s shit because you use your women for this.”

I am surprised the NY Times prints that word. Here is the NY Post, with a worse word:
The woman goes on to say “I’m gonna bring my n– down here and he gonna f–k you up. My n— is gonna come down here right now and f–k you up!” ...

Then Simon can be seen walking in and going immediately behind the counter.

“What’s up with you? N—-r what is wrong with you?” he demands.

Alba, 51, who was in the middle of ringing up a woman, holds out his left arm as Simon approaches him. The female customer reaches across the counter as if she’s trying to get Simon’s attention.

The fatal stabbing was edited from the tape obtained by The Post. But previously released video showed Simon push Alba into a chair before the two men start tussling and Simon was stabbed.

The video shows a bloody Simon laying on the bodega floor and his girlfriend crying out, “That was over $3. Three f–king dollars. He snatched something out of my daughter…please help him.”

NYPD officers arrive and led Alba away.

I am not sure why that N-word is considered so offensive. It is obvious that Black people use it all the time, and see nothing particularly offensive about it. Only White liberals consider it offensive.

The story is about two Blacks attacking a store clerk who then used a knife in self-defense. Yes, a man is dead because two Blacks attacked a clerk instead of paying for a $3 item.

The clerk has been arrested for murder. The video clearly shows that it was self-defense.

Update: Surveys show that most Africans want to move to the West. Get ready for a billion Black immigrants.

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