Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Senate Admits that Trunp was Right on Jan. 6

USA Today reports:
Bipartisan group of senators announce deal to reform Electoral Count Act

Following months of negotiations, a bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday introduced two new bills meant to install new safeguards for the certification of presidential election results.

The reforms to the Electoral Count Act includes new protections for presidential elections and the transition of power, clarifying a contentious question in the White House in the lead-up to the certification of the election by Congress: could the vice president overturn the election? ...

During negotiations, senators received input from state election officials, election experts and legal scholars about what changes could be made to the Electoral Count Act of 1887, a law the senators called "archaic and ambiguous."

I guess all those senators agree that Trump was not trying to overturn an election. They would say that he was interpreting ambiguities in the law in order to get an Electoral College vote in his favor. Trump would say that he was following the law in order to determine the election winner.

A lot of Democrats and Trump-haters have argued that on Jan. 6, 2020, Trump was asking Pence and the Congress to do something that was forbidden by law. But if that were clearly true, then there would be no need to amend the Electoral Count Act.

This new bill is an admission that Trump had a legitimate legal argument that Pence and the Congress could have rejected some electoral votes as being tainted by massive improper voting in certain states.

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