Saturday, July 24, 2021

MeToo Accuser Made False Accusations

The Huffington Post reported this in Oct. 2019:
She Dedicated Her Life To The Military. Why Didn't It Protect Her From Abuse?

A HuffPost investigation found that the military routinely ignores domestic violence by service members, with devastating consequences.

When Leah Olszewski was 12, she saw “Top Gun” and that was that — she wanted to join the military. ...

It was supposed to usher in a new phase of their relationship: more serious, more committed. Instead, Olszewski says, it marked the beginning of Cardin’s violence toward her. Name-calling. Shoving. Verbal threats. And that was only the start. The bruises, the kicking and choking, came later.

Olszewski agonized over whether to report Cardin to authorities, as she didn’t want to jeopardize his job. Domestic violence is supposed to be a career-ender for a military service member. And as a military officer herself, she didn’t want to appear weak. Her entire life, she pushed herself to her physical limits. She was tough. That was the word her friends used to describe her. Admitting a man hurt her was embarrassing, almost like she’d failed.

She decided to report her allegations. To everyone. She made criminal complaints. She made administrative complaints. She applied for protective orders. She even testified before Congress. She was a national news story.

Now she has had her day in court, and the judge has decided that she is the abuser. She will probably be paying the many damages for malicious prosecution.

This makes the whole MeToo movement look like a hoax. The journalists and congressional staffers appear to have no ability to distinguish a legitimate case from a crazy vindictive ex-girlfriend. I say "apparently" because they may have their own political or other reasons for playing along with bogus charges. Either way, you cannot believe public stories on this subject.

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