Thursday, July 22, 2021

Crime Plots stemmed from FBI Informants

Claims of dangerous right-wing extremism in the USA often point to the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot. Kidnapping the Michigan governor would be a serious offense, but there is serious doubt about this being any thing but an FBI frame.

RT reports:

Several of the men accused of planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer say they were entrapped by the FBI, with government documents suggesting that at least 12 undercover informants played major roles in the scheme.

A lengthy investigation by BuzzFeed News – published on Tuesday and based on court filings, text and audio transcripts, and more than two dozen interviews with sources close to the case – claimed that the 12 informants and undercover agents “played a far larger role” in the kidnapping plot than was previously known.

“Working in secret, they did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects. Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception,” the outlet reported, noting that the scope of their involvement “raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.” Read the BuzzFeed story, and decide for yourselves.

The entrapment defense is very difficult, and those men will probably be convicted. Likewise, the Jan. 6 Capitol protesters are starting to get convicted, even tho the leaders from the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers were FBI informants.

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