Wednesday, April 17, 2019

It’s O.K. to be white

From a NY Times op-ed:
In October, senators voted in favor of a One Nation motion incorporating the white supremacist slogan “It’s O.K. to be white.” The government later blamed an administrative error for the vote, after having initially trumpeted the move as evidence of its opposition to “racism of any kind.”

The kindest interpretation of all this is that the coalition has been sloppy and inattentive to the problem of extremism, ...
Really? Saying “It’s O.K. to be white” is considered to be white supremacist and extremist!

Here is a video of Joe Biden saying that it is a good thing that massive non-white immigration is reducing whites to being a minority. The other Democrat presidential are taking more extreme anti-white positions, such as advocating whites paying reparations to non-whites.

Politics used to be aligned on a Right v. Left axis. Now it is Nationalist v. Globalist. Or between those who say it is okay to be White, and those working to exterminate Whites.

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