Saturday, April 27, 2019

Vanity Fair profiles Bari Weiss

Vanity Fair article:
Meet Bari Weiss, “alt-righter,” “fascist,” “the Jewish, female version of Kanye West.” She doesn’t like immigrants. She’s a traitor to her gender, and she should be “sterilized.” In short, “Bari Weiss can fuck off.”

That’s the word, anyway, about the 35-year-old star opinion writer for The New York Times, from a very loud and increasingly influential corner of social media.
No, she is a stereotypical Jewish leftist feminist. She has nothing interesting to say. She has no alt-right opinions.

Almost all of her opinions can be explained by her Jewishness. She is more loyal to Israel than the USA. She hates President Trump because she thinks he is bad for the Jewish anti-American agenda. She would be better off moving to Israel and marrying some nice Jewish man.

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