Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jews admit anti-gay-black-Semitism is a hoax

The NY Times now admits:
The details of the Jan. 29 attack on the “Empire” star Jussie Smollett were horrifying. While returning to his Chicago home around 2 a.m., the actor said, he was beaten and doused with bleach. His assailants tied a noose around his neck and shouted racial and homophobic slurs. “This is MAGA country,” Mr. Smollett said the attackers yelled.

These details also strained credulity from the very start.
Only the Alt-Right was pointing out that the story strained credulity. The NY Times and everyone else accepted it without question.

Smollet is gay, half-black, and half-Jewish.

Now we know it was a hoax, and Smollett will probably go to prison for it.

The article admits that all the other high-profile hate crimes also turned out to be hoaxes, but declares:
The real tragedy in all of this is that hate crimes are, in fact, on the rise in the Trump era, particularly against Jews and Muslims.
What hate crimes? A separate NY Times story explains that, but you have to read down to the end to see who is doing it:
Rabbi Eli Cohen, the executive director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, has begun visiting nearby public schools with Geoffrey Davis, an African-American community leader, to try to understand what may be driving the attacks, as many of the assailants arrested by the police have been young men of color.
So it is African-American New Yorkers who have been picking on the Orthodox Jews, not the White Trump supporters.

This is not anti-Semitism. It is just black crime.

You can count on Jewish newspapers for (1) promoting crazy anti-White-Christian theories and beliefs, (2) crying about fictitious anti-Semitism, and (3) blaming Whites for the bad behavior of non-Whites.

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