Wednesday, February 06, 2019

How Starbucks made billions

The NY Times reports:
In one email, Ricketts wrote to somebody identified only as S.V. that “Christians and Jews can have a mutual respect for each other to create a civil society,” but “Islam cannot do that.” He went on to write that, “we cannot ever let Islam become a large part of our society,” and that “Muslims are naturally my (our) enemy.”

Major League Baseball released a statement condemning the emails but seemingly tried to absolve Ricketts of some responsibility.

“While many of the emails were not written by Mr. Ricketts, the content is extremely offensive and completely at odds with the values and principles of Major League Baseball,” the statement said.
So the position of MLB is that Islam should become a large part of our society? Is MLB going to tell us where Islam has ever created a civil society?

An op-ed in the same newspaper says:
Corruption is in Russia’s DNA, as it is in Mr. Putin’s.
Really? If a private citizen in a private email says that jihadism is in Islam's DNA, then the NY Times blasts him as a bigot. But if someone says corruption is in Russia's DNA, then the NY Times happily publishes the statement.

The Russian press reports:
Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz doesn’t like people using the term 'billionaires' to describe billionaires, instead, the multi-billionaire prefers the term ‘people of means.’

Speaking at a Barnes & Noble book event last week, Schultz responded to a question about whether billionaires have too much power in the US by focusing on the term ‘billionaire.’

“The moniker ‘billionaire’ now has become the catchphrase,” he said. “I would rephrase that and say that ‘people of means’ have been able to leverage their wealth and their interest in ways that are unfair, and I think that speaks to the inequality but it also speaks to the special interests that are paid for people of wealth and corporations who are looking for influence.”
Is Schultz just trolling us?

He seems to have gotten rich off of two ideas:

1. If you charge $5 for a cup of coffee, you can create a chain of coffeeshops where Whites and Jews can sit around in the comfort that no blacks will bother them.

2. If you boost the caffeine in coffee, you can get everyone addicted to your coffee, and will not go back to whatever they were drinking before.

Such ideas are why there are so many Jewish billionaires. Others are not so clever.

These two ideas made Schultz a billionaire. I hate to think what ideas he has for being President of the USA.

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