Thursday, June 21, 2018

Restoring libido to female rats with pink pills

When college professors talk about humans and sex, they are always saying that human nature is social constructed, and biological differences are from discrimination or the evils of the patriarchy, or some such nonsense.

When big pharmaceutical companies research humans with an eye towards marketing new products, we are all just overgrown lab rats.

Bloomberg Business Week reports:
Studies showed that flibanserin had a positive effect on restoring sex drive in laboratory rats. James Pfaus, a professor of psychology at Concordia University in Montreal, found that after 21 days on the drug, female rats whose sex drive had been diminished through hormone alteration started soliciting male rats for sex six to eight times in 30-minute tests, or about normal levels of desire for rats. (A “full solicitation,” in rat terms, is when a female rat kicks a male in the face and runs away.) Flibanserin seemed to work in humans, too: The drug didn’t increase a woman’s sex drive exponentially, but rather restored it to a more normal state for her.
This drug is on the market under the name Addyi. It costs about $400 per month.

If your wife has lost her libido, you can get her this pill. If it works according to the rat studies, she will solicit you for sex 15 times an hour. And she will do it by kicking you in the face, and running away!

Isn't technological progress wonderful?

So far, Addyi sales have been far below expectations.

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