Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sacred order that conservatives hold dear

David Brooks writes in the NY Times:
In 2018, the primary threat to the sacred order is no longer the state. It is a radical individualism that leads to vicious tribalism. The threat comes from those two main currents of the national Republican Party. At his essence Trump is an assault on the sacred order that conservatives hold dear ...
No, tribalism does not come from individualism. Jews like Brooks and the other NY Times writes have been tribalists for centuries, with or without individualism. They are vastly more tribalist than the Republicans he attacks.

Brooks has cause and effect backwards.

Trump is the response to the assault on the sacred order, not the cause. The Jews at the NY Times have been leading the assault for decades. Trump only gained a political following in 2015 when all other Republicans failed to stand up to the assault.

Brooks pretends to be a conservative, but that is only because he seems more conservative than the other Jewish columnists at the NY Times. He was a big supporter of Barack Obama. He does not even know what a conservative is. He exhibits a visceral hatred for Trump that is primarily seen in Jews. He is just another Christian-hater, with a slightly different pitch from his fellow Christian-haters.

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