Sunday, January 01, 2017

What I learned in 2016

A year ago, I posted:
I should post every year what I have learned in the year. Here is where I have changed my mind in 2015. ...

More than ever, the USA is ruled by elites who are selling out the interests of the American people. It appears that Donald J. Trump is the only one who can save us. ...

Six months ago I thought that Donald Trump was a buffoon. Now I think that he is a genius.
In 2016, this became conventional wisdom.

A lot of ppl complained about political polarization during the G.W. Bush era. But the Trump v Clinton election was Good v Evil. The efforts of the lizard ppl to elect Clinton exceeded my expectations, and so did the free citizens who voted for BREXIT and Trump.

I am not saying that everyone who voted for Clinton is evil. Most of them are just stupid, misinformed, or brainwashed. They are unwitting tools of the lizard ppl.

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