Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What I learned in 2015

I should post every year what I have learned in the year. Here is where I have changed my mind in 2015.

I have wasted time chasing down accusations of anti-semitism and racism, and discovered that these terms are used almost entirely by people who hate white Christians.

White Christian Americans are the least racist people in the world, by far.

After fighting nationalist wars for millennia, I did not think that Europe would be so easily invaded. Or that Germany would ban criticism of immigration policy on Facebook.

More than ever, the USA is ruled by elites who are selling out the interests of the American people. It appears that Donald J. Trump is the only one who can save us.

The biggest threats to modern civilization are social justice warriors and Mohammedans.

Most people will happily submit to robot overlords. I used to think that the threat of AI bots running our lives was grossly exaggerated.

It is usually counter-productive to give people benefit for having good intentions or empathy. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

It is useful to categorize people with conspiracy theories, even if there is no literal conspiracy.

The public cares very little about the privacy issues raised by Snowden and leftist civil libertarians.

The Earth really does have overpopulation problem.

Six months ago I thought that Donald Trump was a buffoon. Now I think that he is a genius.

Colleges no longer stand for free speech and individual rights. They will punish innocent people if it suits their political ends.

Empathy does more harm than good. It is not good to teach your kids to be empathetic.

Climate change is mainly a leftist term for various political objectives, most of which are harmful.

The Psychology profession is even worse than I thought.

Humans are much more social than any other animals, except possibly for some insects.

Frequentism and Bayesianism are widely misunderstood.

Google created a bot to automatically classify hate sites on the web, but abandoned the project when the top hate site turned out to be the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Professional sports leagues have really lost their way.

I did not expect the new Star Wars movie to be just a remake of the 1977. The major media reviews did not tell me either. How was this kept such a secret? The LA Times now admits:
The simple answer is that "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," is not very good. It's professionally made in the sense that it displays an industrial level of Quality Control. But it's depressingly unimaginative and dull in long stretches, and -- crucially -- reproduces George Lucas' original 1977 movie slavishly almost to the point of plagiarism.


joe said...

I agree with most of this, but I am much less enthusiastic about Trump. Sure, he would be infinitely superior to Hillary, but then so would Satan.

Roger said...

If nothing else, Trump has moved the Overton Window on immigration. He has made it politically acceptable to discuss limiting immigration. He has also shown that a Republican does not have to be a cuckservative.

joe said...

Yes, agree on immigration.And the pushback against the media is entertaining.