Saturday, December 12, 2015

Car bot snitches to cops

I am convinced that robots are taking over modern life, and people will voluntarily become slaves to them.

Here is the latest:
Car calls 911 after alleged hit-and-run, driver arrested

A Ford safety feature has also turned out to be a way to track badly-behaved drivers. ...

57-year-old woman Cathy Bernstein allegedly hit a truck before ploughing into a van on Prima Vista Boulevard, fleeing the scene after each collision. While Bernstein allegedly ran for the hills, her car had already recorded the crash and automatically contacted 911 after recording the time and date of the collision.

The car's safety features, used by by Ford, BMW and other automakers, make use of sensors and Internet connectivity to shave down the time emergency responders take to get to the scene of an accident. ...< By 2018, every new vehicle sold within the grasp of the European Union must have this kind of emergency responder technology installed.

The technology will not stop there. Soon the police will not have to drive to her to arrest her. A command will be sent to her car to lock the doors and windows, and drive her to the local jail.

Dilbert thinks we are all moist robots.

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