Thursday, December 03, 2015

Some future benefit they will never see

NY Times columnist David Brooks writes about global warming deals:
You’re asking people to impose costs on themselves today for some future benefit they will never see. You’re asking developing countries to forswear growth now to compensate for a legacy of pollution from richer countries that they didn’t benefit from. You’re asking richer countries that are facing severe economic strain to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in “reparations” to India and such places that can go on and burn mountains of coal and take away American jobs. And you’re asking for all this top-down coercion to last a century, without any enforcement mechanism.
No one should agree to any of those things.

Developing countries only have economic growth because they are benefiting from Western industrialization. If they really think that they did not benefit from CO2 emissions, then maybe we should withdraw modern technology and free them from our influence.

He put his finger on what liberals really want: "top-down coercion to last a century". They just need an enforcement mechanism.

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