Monday, December 21, 2015

Office jargon

Good list of office jargon:

1. Blue sky thinking (freedom to think without influence or preconception)
2. Think outside the box (think creatively)
3. Touch base offline (let’s actually meet IRL and talk)
4. Close of play (by the end of the day)
5. Going forward (in future, from now on)
6. No brainer (it’s so obvious)
7. Action that (put into practice)
8. Drill down (investigate thoroughly)
9. Thought shower (fancy new word for a brainstorm)
what are you talking about
10. Flogging a dead horse (wasting your efforts)
11. Hot desking (sharing several desks with colleagues and their germs)
12. Heads up (a notification, forewarning)
13. It’s on my radar (I’m aware of it, I’m considering it)
14. Joined up thinking (thinking about all the facts as a whole)
15. Bring to the table (the contribution offered to the group)
16. Punch a puppy (to do something detestable but good for the business)
17. Run this up the flagpole (try something out)
18. Cracking the whip (to use your authority to make someone work better)
19. Moving the goalposts (changing the criteria)
20. EOP (end of play)
21. Working fingers to the bone (working very hard)
22. Game changer (something that causes a fundamental shift)
23. It’s not rocket science (it’s not difficult)
24. Hit the ground running (start work quickly
25. Ping (get back to, send, as in email)
26. Low hanging fruit (easy win business)
27. Singing from the same hymn sheet (all on the same page, all in agreement as to what the plan is)
28. Strategic staircase (business plan)
29. Park something (hold an idea, potentially for later use)
30. Benchmark (point of reference)
31. COB (close of business)
32. Reach out (contact)
33. Re-inventing the wheel (spending time developing something that already exists)
34. Dot the Is and cross the Ts (pay attention)
35. Best practice (most effective way)
36. Al Desko (lunch at the desk)
37. Backburner (de-prioritise)
38. Pick it up and run with it (move ahead with an idea)
39. Play hardball (act forcefully)
40. This idea has legs (it’s a good idea that has lasting appeal)
41. Synergy (these things will work well together and complement one another)
42. I’m swamped (you’re just busy, ok?)
43. It’s a win / win (it’s good for both sides)
44. Look under the bonnet (analyse the situation)
45. Quick and dirty (rapid solution that might not be the most well-developed or elegant but will do the trick)
46. Peel the onion (examine the problem later by layer)
47. Out of the loop (not involved in the decision-making process, not up to date with developments)
48. Wow factor (amazing, eye-catching appeal)
49. Helicopter view (broad view of the business)
50. Elevator pitch (brief presentation, the broad idea distilled into a 30 second to one-minute pitch, as if you were pitching int he time it took your lift to ascend/descend.)

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