Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Trolling is a good thing

In 2016, I changed my mind about trolling. I now think that it is a good thing.

If the Ctrl-Left is trying to limit what you can say, then the proper response is to say whatever offends them the most. Trying to be nice and to avoid all their supposed micro-aggressions is foolishness.

Our computer systems are made more secure by hackers trying to punch holes in them. Spammers can be annoying too, but these are part of the costs of a free society. Tools should be available to block the stuff you do not want, but there is no need to censor it from everyone.

Every since Trump was elected, the mainstream news media and lizard ppl have been complaining that hackers, leakers, and trollers might have had some influence. If so, so much the better.

If the lizard ppl get their way, you will get your news on Facebook, with the unapproved stories being blocked. We need trollers to make such censorship impractical.

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