Monday, May 23, 2011

Girl dates a bisexual

Sunday's newspaper advice:
Dear Margo: I am a 17-year-old senior in high school. My wonderful boyfriend, "John," recently came out to me as bisexual. ... We both are headed to college next year, so that will open up new populations for us. What will happen then will happen, but, for now, we want to be together. How can I convey that to my mom? - Samantha

Dear Sam: ... Assuming you are sexually active, I suspect that your father's concern is - and your mother's will be - that the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases increases when a partner is active with both sexes.

I don't know the level of openness you have with your parents, but I would tell them that you practice safe sex - which I sincerely hope is the case. In addition, tell your mother that you and John have agreed to date others when you both go to school - which is not all that far off.
The letter did not say anything about agreeing to date others.

The message here is that as long as everyone is promiscuous and using condoms, then no parent should object to a 17-year-old daughter dating a bisexual. Weird.

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