Saturday, May 28, 2011

If there is surf, nothing gets done

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports:
SANTA CRUZ -- When Ted Nicholson hitchhiked from his San Bruno naval post to Santa Cruz in 1944, he wasn't sure what to expect. ...

Kim Stoner, a founding member of the preservation society, recalled the effort to create the museum with the city's help. It took a while to get organized -- "If there is surf, nothing gets done," he said -- but when it was finished, it became the world's first surfing museum.
This is a city where the oral history comes from a man named Kim Stoner.

I recently learned that surfers contributed to the Apollo space project. The rocket scientists needed insulation, and they copied the insides of surfboards. The scientists said that the surfers were a great bunch of guys, but only available when the surf was not up.

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