Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maybe DSK was framed

One blog is suspicious:
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF Managing Director and French presidential candidate, has been accused of rape. As the feminist dominated press is scared to even think that the rape accusations are false, Human-Stupidity has to speak up. The story is very strange, and dominated by clear mistakes and screwups committed by the accuser. A five-star hotel maid trespasses into a naked client’s room? Unforgivable. Five-star hotel security let a rapist check out without complaint? The maid wasn’t trained to instantly report crimes to security staff?
See also comments here.

The story is fishy. A famous French politician rapes a black African immigrant hotel maid? A 32-year-old woman cannot get away from a 62-year-old naked unarmed man? What was the maid even doing there? In my experience, maids make an immediate exit if they accidentally walk in on a naked man. Why is he being held without bail? How did he ever get to be such a big-shot politician if he was prone to spontaneously raping whomever he might accidentally encounter when he gets out of the shower?

The man is inncocent until proven guilty. The accusation does not sound plausible to me.

Update: Reports say that the accuser speaks French, is 6 feet tall, and is a Moslem.

Update: A reader asks why I mention that the accuser, Ms Nafissatou Diallo, is a tall African Moslem, and not that the accused is a short French Jewish banker. Maybe that is relevant also. I read that she lives in some sort of subsidized housing for HIV+ people. The Wikipedia story omits these facts. Ben Stein says that DSK should be presumed innocent, and lists a few reasons for skepticism.


Anonymous said...

Who tell you it was him? He has having lunch with his daughter , It could have been a paid impersonator lookalike, who made the deed and left, then make it looks like he was running away although apparently his ticked was already booked in advance , tool late, before the DNA comes out he is already fried in Jail with his reputation ruined, good frame work!

Anonymous said...

He can buy sex with his money . He was framed