Saturday, May 21, 2011

Can America go back to its 1965 borders?

Steve Sailer writes:
The front-and-center featured article on the NYT today reports that "by the time the children of illegal immigrants reached age 2, they showed significantly lower levels of language and cognitive development than the children of legal immigrants and native-born parents." 
Illegal Immigrants' Children Suffer, Study Finds ...
Translated into Occam-speak, what the NYT is reporting is: At the earliest point at which we can test, illegal immigrants' children are less intelligent on average.
"Millions of the youngest citizens in the United States, simply by virtue of being born to a parent with a particular legal status, have less access to the learning opportunities that are the building blocks of adult productivity," he wrote. ... 
Let's reread the crucial clause: "simply by virtue of being born to a parent with a particular legal status." Uh, no.
Poor cognitive development can lead to lower school performance, which in turn can lead to higher dropout rates, an undertrained work force and lower economic productivity. 
Indeed. Therefore, the article suggests, the appropriate response to the relative stupidity of the children of illegal immigrants is granting their parents amnesty.

There's a second cognitive problem that goes unmentioned in this article, but one that might be even more threatening to America's future. A close reading of most illegal immigration-related articles in the New York Times over the last decade reveals that the topic of illegal immigration make the New York Times stupider. 
Stupid? The NY Times, and its base of readers, are ideologically committed to the ethnic divisions caused by low-IQ immigration.

One of his readers says:
If Israel is supposed to go back to its 1967 borders, can America go back to its 1965 borders? Please?
Good line. The 1965 immigration law was a racist law designed to change the long-term ethnic make-up of the USA.

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