Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sex without a condom is good for you

A Scottish newspapers reports on some politically correct research:
Mr Brody based his conclusions on a study of the sexual behaviour of 99 women and 111 men in Portugal. They filled in questionnaires about the pleasure they derived from their sex lives and contraception use.

Using a measure of psychological health developed in Canada, Mr Brody concluded that condom use was associated with members of the sample who exhibited problems dealing with stress.

Those that had unprotected sex appeared to be able to deal with stress in a more mature way by taking effective action. They also had better mental health.
I wouldn't necessary make any big decisions on what the Scots say about Canadian measures of Portuguese mental health, but I am glad someone is studying the matter.


L Harris said...

That's hilarious. I wonder though, of those studied, were those that did not use condoms married, and therefore happier (less stressed) than those with multiple partners???

Roger said...

Good question. More research is needed. I'll try to find out whether they are looking for volunteers.