Thursday, August 13, 2009

Media lends credence to birthers

The leftist group Media Matters writes:
Glenn Beck recently told his version of President Barack Obama's life story. Obama's parents met "while taking a Russian language class ... at the height of the Cold War." His father figure was Frank Marshall Davis, a man who "happened to be a communist." In college, ...

It's all connected. The leaders of the conservative movement feeding those protests have a simple message, encapsulated by Beck's monologue: President Obama isn't one of us. He wasn't raised with American traditions or values, and he doesn't believe in the American principals of free market capitalism, respect for life and liberty, and love of country.
I think he means American principles.

Pres. Obama campaigned on the slogan of CHANGE. Much of the support for Obama came from people who were hoping that he would abandon some of our bedrock American principles.

The stories about Obama's past came from his own (probably ghostwritten) autobiography. That book was the biggest thing in favor of Obama, in the view of many of his supporters. It seems just as fair to oppose Obama for these things, as to support Obama for these things.

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