Monday, March 25, 2024

Stark Differences in Behavior of Women

The London Daily Mail reports:
UC Berkeley professor forced to issue groveling apology after telling students to 'get out of the Bay Area if you want a girlfriend' - claiming EVERYWHERE else on the planet is better 'for that' ...

'If you want a girlfriend, get out of the Bay Area. Almost everywhere else on the planet is better for that,' he wrote.

'I'm not kidding at all. You'll be shocked by the stark differences in behavior of women in places where women are plentiful versus their behavior within artillery distance of San Jose and San Francisco,' he added. ...

'We want to be absolutely clear that the offensive content of the original post goes against the values and Principles of Community we adhere to at UC Berkeley,' said Roqua Montez.

The comments mostly say that the negative reaction proved him right. Note that no one says what he said that was incorrect. Just they were offended, and wanted an apology.

A professor ought to be able to give some friendly advice to his students.

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CFT said...

I think the primary thing to consider in what the man said is 'the Bay area'.
He wasn't being sexist at all, he was merely stating the obvious when anything is in short supply.
Beggars can't be choosers.