Tuesday, March 19, 2024

More Doubt about George Floyd's Death

I posted arguments for and against the guilt of the George Floyd cops, and now the authors have had an online debate over it. It is three Whites ganging up on one Black man.

The anti-cop threesome aggressively accused the Black guy of getting the facts wrong, but they never showed any facts were wrong.

In shprt, there was no proof that the cops caused Floyd's death, and there are plausible explanations that do not involve neck or chest compression.

It is funny how much resistance there is to anyone questioning the official narrative. Even if the cops did contribute to Floyd's death, there is no evidence that they tried to kill him, or acted out of malice or racist, or out of systemic racism.

They go on to discuss the Ferguson Effect, where faulty accusations of police misconduct have led to huge increases in Black murders, and reduced policing of Black neighborhoods.

The Black guy just wants the truth, and to undermine faulty arguments that led to a lot of Black murders and other crimes. But why do the Whites so doggedly try to uphold the narrative that cops murdered Floyd?

I think the Whites are suffering from a mental illness. They want to believe that Whites have some collective guilt for some poor Black junkie dying.

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CFT said...

Idolizing overdosed junkie thugs as 'saint like' seems to be a thing in the urban black community.
If your heroes look like thugs, and have long criminal rap sheets like thugs, and beat up their girl friends like thugs, chances are they are thugs and will probably die like thugs...Wow, didn't see that one coming.

Example of poetic genius thug quote:
"Rollin wit a posse full of paranoid drugdealaz!"
-Tupac Shakur

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