Sunday, March 10, 2024

Oscars so Black

The NY Times page 1 top left side column story is this
The Oscars Now Have D.E.I. Rules, but Some Say It’s Just a Performance

How “Oppenheimer,” a movie about the men who developed the atomic bomb, met the new standards.

The national reckoning over racial justice after the killing of George Floyd ...

The article is a long complaint that George Floyd hysteria is not stopping a movie about WWII atomic scientists from winning Oscars.

Google AI turned the Nazis into Blacks, and I guess Hollywood was supposed to do the same with the atomic scientists.

The movie did credit a bunch of Jews, but some of them turned out to be Commies.

It is funny to see the NY Times directly say that we should be subjected to Blacks all over our movie screen, just because some Minnesota criminal junkie died of an overdose.

Just a couple of years ago, the Oscars featured a Black fistfight on stage. Isn't that enough?

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