Sunday, March 17, 2024

Ireland Reaffirms Motherhood

Ireland just rejected proposals to amend these constitutional clauses:
In Article 41.1.1° “The State recognises the Family as the natural primary and fundamental unit group of Society, and as a moral institution possessing inalienable and imprescriptible rights, antecedent and superior to all positive law.”

In Article 41.3.1° “The State pledges itself to guard with special care the institution of Marriage, on which the Family is founded, and to protect it against attack.”

Article 41.2.1° “In particular, the State recognises that by her life within the home, woman gives to the State a support without which the common good cannot be achieved.”

Article 41.2.2° “The State shall, therefore, endeavour to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home.”

Ireland has been taken over by non-Irish people, and they object to this recognition of the family and motherhood.

In most of the West now, "mother" has become an offensive word.

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CFT said...

Looking on the bright side,
Between autistic mental disorders and nihilist ideology
the progressive left will have LITERALLY defined themselves out of biological existence within a couple of generations.

On the not so bright side,
The rest of us will be forced to watch the progressive left commit societal suicide and try and take everyone else down with them within a couple of generations.

To put it logically: No human biology = no families = no babies = no future teenagers = no jobs for far leftist college professors = no future far leftist activists.

Crazy castrated people aren't the future of anything, but they sure are an ending.