Tuesday, March 26, 2024

New Book says Biden is like Hitler

The New Yorker reports:
new book, “Takeover: Hitler’s Final Rise to Power” (Knopf), an aggressively specific chronicle of a single year, 1932, seems a wise, even an inspired one. Ryback details, week by week, day by day, and sometimes hour by hour, how a country with a functional, if flawed, democratic machinery handed absolute power over to someone who could never claim a majority in an actual election and whom the entire conservative political class regarded as a chaotic clown with a violent following. Ryback shows how major players thought they could find some ulterior advantage in managing him. ...

Ryback’s story begins soon after Hitler’s very incomplete victory in the Weimar Republic’s parliamentary elections of July, 1932. Hitler’s party, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (its German initials were N.S.D.A.P.), emerged with thirty-seven per cent of the vote,

The parallel to today is that Pres. Biden also stole an election, and has only about 37% approval ratings, and gains support from groups who believe they can manage him to favor their interests. Also Hitler ran as a Socialist, and got his support from the Left.

But the bigger parallel is that Hitler used lawfare to aggressively prosecute his political enemies.

The USA can survive stolen elections and incompetent leaders. It has many times before. But it cannot survive the Justice Dept. being weaponized to jail enemies. Biden is the new Hitler.

Here is a Jewish podcast complaint about Trump, by Sam Harris and Jonathan Rauch. Rauch gives a step-by-step explanation of how Trump could end Democracy. He does it by getting popularly elected, and then emulating Victor Orban of Hungary!

Trump was not able to accomplish much in his 2017-2020 term, because the DC civil servants were always sabotaging his policy. But Trump could issue an executive order to make his appointments more loyal to him. The Supreme Court could intervene, but will probably back down when it sees that Trump's actions are reasonable and popular.

Apparently Democracy is a code word for Jewish control.

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MikeAdamson said...

Trump tried to steal the election in 2020 and failed. Loser.