Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Trump Indictment is Released

Trump appeared in court, and the indictment was released. It has 34 counts under New York state law. They all say essentially the same thing.

It is bogus for many reasons. The statute of limitations expired in 2018. Trump has a right to say whatever he wants in his business. None of it was false. The payments were to Cohen for legal expenses, just as recorded. Trump uses his personal funds, as that was more proper than using campaign funds. Any campaign fund issue would be a federal one, and the feds already decided it was not a crime. The only witness against Trump is Cohen, a convicted perjurer.

The idictment claims that the public was defrauded because Trump sought to suppress allegations that might be damaging to his campaign. One of the allegations was the completely false claim that he had an illegitimate child. Apparently the NY AG thinks that it is a crime to counteract a false claim, if it helps win an election.

Violent crime is out of control in NY, because the prosecutors are letting criminals go free.

No one can possibly think that these Trump charges are legitimate. The charges will probably be dismissed in a few months. The purpose is to damage Trump's candidacy for President.

I do not hear Pres. Biden or other prominent Democrats denouncing this. They say the Jan. 6, 2021 protests were anti-democracy. No, indicting Donald Trump is the most anti-democracy event of my lifetime.

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