Sunday, April 02, 2023

Atheists want School Drag Shows

I tried watching this video from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Instead of attacking religion, it was all about promoting drag shows in schools!

They keep saying that only Christian nationalist theocrats would refuse to accept the transgender agenda. All anti-trans beliefs are inherently religious, they say. The "evidence-based lawmaking is telling us something else."

A prominent atheist biology professor laments that FFRF has gone off the rails:

Lately, however, the FFRF has crept out of its bailiwick of enforcing separation of church from state, and is, like the ACLU and the SPLC, engaged in matters of social justice. Well, that’s their call, and I wouldn’t beef about it unless I thought they’ve undertaken campaigns that are unwise.

Well, the FFRF has, and has gone to ground on the same issue where the ACLU went astray: transgender issues in sports. ...

I’ve always been a strong supporter of the FFRF: it’s my very favorite secularist/humanist organization. But this time they’ve gone too far, and have refused to take what most of us would see as a reasonable stand on this issue. I will share this post with them, but I have little hope that they will modify their stand on trans rights so that they don’t trample on women’s rights.

The atheists say they are not just expressing social opinions, but are the ones basing policy on reason, science, and evidence.

It is all a lie. The science says that boys have an advantage over girls in most sports, and girls sports will be ruining if boys are allowed to compete.

A comment says:

The FFRF seem to be in favour of trans ideology, not on its merits, but purely because right-wing Christians are against it. That is tribalism rather than a reasoned, evidence-based approach.

And anyone who doesn’t accept that, in the vast majority of sports, men overall have a big advantage over women, and that that is the entire point of segregating sports by sex, is not taking a reasoned, evidence-based approach.

It is sad to see the FFRF going the way of too many atheist/humanist organisations in the US and becoming woke.

I am not sure. Most of the talking in the above video is from a transgender person with abiguous gender and "they/them" preferred pronouns.

They apparently believe that Christianity is the only thing in the way of woke radicals taking over the world. Are they right? Maybe.

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