Sunday, April 30, 2023

Scientific Studies of Transgenderism

If you are trying to follow the science on transgenderism, Sabine Hossenfelder posted a video summarizing the evidence.

In short, transgenderism is a big fad, and the cause is not clear. It is also not clear whether any treatments help.

You may hear that medical societies have endorsed various treatments, but it is all voodoo. There just isn't any good scientific evidence supporting any of those treatments. There are many people who have gotten these treatments and regretted them.

Teenagers suffer a lot of mental health problems, with girls suffering a lot more than boys. Gender dysphoria appears to be just one of those problems, and there is no easy fix.


CFT said...

If you are suffering from arm pain, and your doctor recommends cutting off your arm... and you are somehow stupid enough not to question this rather drastic cure, and you get your arm cut off... and then you boo hoo upon discovering your arm pain was actually due to a nerve being pinched in your neck... and now your doctor thinks cutting off your head will solve the problem.. wellllll....

Ok, let us cut to the chase. Cutting off your genitals does not solve any kind of stupidity, Including faddish psychological disorders that didn't even really exist fifteen years ago and has no basis in biology other than 'ma fee fees hurt!'. When a person suffers from mental illness, I'm not really interested in how much basic reality threatens their psychosis and dementia.

CFT said...

Modern day 'gender theory' (as far as that goes) was proposed by a man named John Money. Please research this monster and see for yourself if you really want to follow his ideas. His great contributions to his field included his theory that gender was a purely imaginary social construct with no basis in actual biology, and his 'medical' recommendations that castrating mentally troubled children leads to well being and stability, as well as the minor little detail that he was sexually molesting the two little boys who he had under his care. Both boys ended up committing suicide. I'm not sure who was more mentally diseased, John Money or the entire professional medical establishment which passively sat back and watched him 'work', and then eventually took up his cause.

Anyone who considers themselves compassionate while subscribing to a child molester's concept of 'treatment' and 'gender affirming care' and then inflicts it on even more children should remove themselves from being anywhere near children and seek counseling.

Roger said...

Yes, John Money was a monster. I thought that by about 1985 everyone agreed that his ideas were wrong and unworkable.