Thursday, April 13, 2023

PBS says Defending Trump is Sowing Division

PBS TV is a US govt sponsored TV network. It pretends that its news shows are fair and balanced, but they are not. It never reports any political issue fairly. For example, whenever there is an issue involving Pres. Trump, it brings in two political commentators, and they always both hard-core Trump-haters.

In covering the Trump indictment, it has a steady stream of anti-Trump propaganda. If anyone defends Trump, it accuses him of election interference!

Yesterday, the PBS News hour broadcast this:

Analysis shows Russian and Chinese-backed efforts to sow division after Trump indictment

PBS NewsHour

A week after the arraignment of Donald Trump, we’re learning new details about a covert effort by Russian and Chinese-backed actors aimed at sowing division among the American electorate and increasing distrust in institutions. Laura Barrón-López discussed the findings with Colin Clarke of the Soufan Center And Zach Schwitzky of the data science firm Limbik.

If Russia or China were prosecuting a political candidate on such obviously bogus charges, PBS would be crying that it is anti-democratic.

there are American groups that consistently sow division in the USA, much more radically than the Russians and Chinese. They are Jews, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Democrat Party.

The Trump indictment fails for many reasons. It is one charge, repeated 34 times. The charge is that he had an incomplete business record that was intended to defraud and cover up another crime.

Trump paid a lawyer to settle a legal claim, and recorded that as a legal expense. That is an accurate description. The DA would have to prove that it was not a legal expense, but it plainly was a legal expense.

The indictments fails to allege what was wrong with Trump's description, or who was defrauded, or what other crime was being covered up. The statute of limitations has expired anyway.

There is no way anyone would defend this indictment, unless he was already a Trump-hater. If PBS or any other news media has not explained this, then it is lying to you.

Update: Some Trump-hating experts say that under NY law, prosecutors do not need to show that Trump was trying to avoid any particular law, or was trying to defraud any particular person.

PBS TV and NPR Radio have stopped posting to Twitter, because they do not like being labeled government-funded media.

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