Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Maryland Court Favors LGBTQ Parenting

Maryland child custody dispute. The parents divorced, and the mom got primary custody of the two kids. Under the mom's care, the 12-year-old boy turns gay and the 15-year-old girl turns transgender. The dad does not approve.

So they went to court. The judge sided with the mom, and the appeals court agreed! The dad is now cut out of their lives.

Here was the proof that the dad was unfit:

Half an hour later, Father texted Mother a picture of a horned, animal-like human sitting on a throne and wrote that it is a picture of a deity called "Baphomet" that was "after everyone's children right now."
I never heard of Baphomet, but I do believe that evil forces are at work here. This mom is a monster, and so are the social workers and judges who sided with her.

See this 1980s SNL comedy routine about a sick medico pushing trans surgery. I guess it was funny back then. SNL is not funny anymore, and neither is transsexualism.

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CFT said...

I am of a partial belief that there is the remote (not zero) chance that we are actually in a comedy of a higher power. Please for the love of whatever you hold dear, google "Monty Python Life of Brian "I want to have a baby".

The skit is IDENTICAL literally to what actually comes out of the mouths of college graduates.
This it almost concrete proof that the political left is actually an oversized comedy routine.