Friday, February 03, 2023

Woman Uses Accusations to Fight Shared Custody

The New Yorker Radio Hour:
according to C.D.C. statistics, nearly three million women have become pregnant as a result of rape. With abortion laws changing, more and more women will be forced to carry these pregnancies to term. In some cases, they’ll find themselves tied to their assailants through the family-court system until their children turn eighteen. “Many states ... require a conviction for first-degree rape — which is really hard to come by even if there’s a lot of evidence — in order to terminate parental rights,”
This sounds worse than it is. No woman is forced to carry a pregnancy to term. The "assailant" could be her husband, as the law now says that sexual intercourse in a marriage can be considered rape. If a woman promptly reports the rape, she is normally give a pill that eliminates any possible pregnancy.

It is disturbing that some states will consider a man a rapist even if he has not been convicted of anything. The show said that the Obama administration introduced the policy.

An exemplary woman was interviewed for the story. She was having sexual relations with multiple men, and did not know who the father was. She got a couple of DNA tests, determined the father, and sued him for child support. He asked for partial child custody. She is determined to convince the twins that their dad is a rapist, and is trying to sabotage the shared custody. The kids are only two years old, and she says that they already hate to visit their dad. She never claimed it was a rape, until the child custody dispute.

The woman says that she is happy to have the kids, but she cannot afford to take care of them and she is trying to cut them off from their dad. The episode ends with the narrator giving a little speech about how society needs to do more for women like this. Maybe she should have been taught some healthier attitudes when she was younger. She is an example of modern feminism. Father custody or adoption would be better.

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CFT said...

The fact that she slept around so much she didn't even know who the father was tells me all I need to know about her mentality and lack of anything resembling a shadow of responsibility. I am simply pointing out that no sane person would sleep around as much as she did without some idea of what could happen.

Seriously, think about it. For a woman to have so many sexual partners that she didn't know who the father was, means that she was at the least having unprotected sex with pretty much all of her partners (and perhaps even overlapping partners) , and so frequently that she couldn't do some simple math and figure out who the father was, and was most likely was intentionally trying to get pregnant, unless her excuse was that she was too stupid (she's an adult, spare me the ignorance excuse) to know where babies come from.

I'm willing to bet that if women were not provided any money for children outside of wedlock, and were forced to give up the child and actually be required to pay child support, far fewer children would be born out of wedlock, and the welfare state would implode. Single motherhood is a damn circular industry perpetuating crime and poverty...and lots of government jobs for people who encourage such stupidity.

For the record, I lived near chapter 8 housing in California during my college years, I saw first hand how the welfare racket works and keeps misery flowing. Check out the statistics for what percentage of incarcerated men come from single mother households.