Sunday, February 26, 2023

Medical Schools Go Woke

American medical schools all have affirmative action programs, where they admit Blacks and Hispanics with low scores, and demand higher scores from Asians. They also have diversity committees making more mischief.

Biology professor Jerry Coyne has done an excellent job of tracking wokeness on campuses, and reports that a California medical school committee is upset at the criticism:

That task force builds on layers of prior DEI bureaucratic expansion, spanning nearly a decade. This programming includes the “UCSF Anti-Racism Initiative,” started after the summer of 2020, which established dozens of new institutional policies throughout the university, such as “evaluating contributions to diversity statements in faculty advancement portfolios.” ...

One commenter repeated the same line in every answer: “I fundamentally do not feel or have ever felt that UCSF is a racist place. These are grossly misdirected funds and efforts.” Several cautioned against embracing discriminatory policies in the name of anti-racism. “All of the above sounds to me like trying to fight racism with more racism,” one noted. Still others urge the task force not to distract from UCSF’s focus on scientific research. As one commenter put it, “UCSF is a medical and life science campus. Its strength lies in its objective data-driven experimental approach. Qualitative and sociological research has no place at UCSF and no place in scientific medical research and will undermine UCSF’s reputation.” ...

It is important to note that while many of the comments received were constructive and helpful, task force members were traumatized by a striking number of comments that denied the existence of inequities and racism, and others that minimized the burden that racism has imposed, particularly on Black Americans at UCSF. ...

It is extremely important to acknowledge the magnitude of the emotional labor and trauma that many of the Task Force members endured in doing this work, particularly during the public comment period. Not only are many of the Task Force members, especially our Black colleagues, encountering and navigating racism on a daily basis at work and outside of work, we are also volunteering our very limited time to dive into grueling work (the minority tax is real!). Then to be gaslit by some members of our very own UCSF community was very painful.

So a bunch of college officials spend years producing documents that accuse everyone of racism, and recommending racist policies in the name of anti-racism. And they they complain about being traumatized by getting comments questioning the need for what they have done?

Thse are anti-white and anti-Asian bigots subverting our medical training in ways that will kill people. There are no Black colleagues encountering racism. It is all a big hoax.

If they had examples of racism, or other evidence to justify their policies, they would just give it. They would not be traumatized. They are only traumatized because their work is dishonest and destructive.

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CFT said...

I wait with bated breath for 'Nazis against Nazism'. I'm sure it will be a big hit with the woke parade, which swallows and regurgitates anything they are told to believe.

Parents, if you actually love your children, teach them about healthy skepticism, and then make them take logic, and then a debate course, it will inoculate their minds from many of these 'woke' mental disorders.