Monday, February 27, 2023

Okay to Blaspheme Christianity, but not Islam

There used to be a Christian Church of England, and it was the national religion for Britain.

Now the situation is so completely reversed that you can hate Whites and Christians, but not Moslems.


England and Wales abolished their blasphemy law in 2008. On 24 April 2020, the Scottish Government published a new bill that sought to reform hate crime legislation to provide better protection against race, sex, age and religious discrimination, and also decriminalised blasphemy. ...

Yet prohibitions against blasphemy are apparently still being enforced in England—but only in defense of a single religion, and in schools, not the courts (though the coppers get involved). Guess which religion? ...

Four pupils have been suspended from a West Yorkshire secondary school after a copy of the Quran was damaged by students.

In case you think it is good to protect minorities, see this:
There are more Indians among the highest number of property owners in London than the English themselves, according to a recent report
Pakistanis are in third place.

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