Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Speciesism is Like Racism

Paul R. Ehrlich is famous for predicting a Population Bomb disaster, and now he has coauthored a forward to a new book on Speciesism in Biology and Culture. There is a free download. From the summary:
In a new book, a group of scientists and philosophers places part of the blame on an attitude prevalent among scientists and the general public — the false belief that species are uniquely real, and that some species are superior to others.

To the researchers, this is analogous to racism — the fallacious belief that races exist as branches on the tree of life, and that some races are superior to others.

“People these days are very conscious of how evil it is for one group of people to think that they’re superior to another race, and yet the same people who are very woke about that are perfectly happy to say, well, humans are in charge of everything, so the rest of the world is ours to use as we see fit,” said Brent Mishler, professor of integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and co-editor and co-author of the book with UC Berkeley Ph.D. recipient and former postdoctoral fellow Brian Swartz.

In other words, Whites thinking that they are better than Blacks is like Blacks thinking that they are better than apes.

The book is absurd, as there is plenty of scientific evidence that species are real.

I am trying to keep up with where the Left is taking us. Maybe someday we will be paying reparations to horses.

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CFT said...

Okay, may I verbally illustrate the issue:

Thinking yourself better than someone else for whatever reason is being a snob.
This is something most of the human race has done for almost all of history in every race and creed and belief system that humanity has developed so far.

This is the realm of opinion and thought... which you can't stop without doing something far worse than the snobbery you are trying to prevent.

Actually putting people in ovens, or lined up before firing squads, marching them out into killing fields, or starving them to death by the millions while you steal their food, or stuffing them in concentration camps because they didn't agree with your bad medical advice...
because you think you are better than someone
because you think 'science' tells you its ok
because you think 'god' tells you its ok
because you think your political party tells you its ok

Now these are things you actually need to worry about...because they are actions that kill people, not thoughts or words that just hurt your precious feelings.

Getting your fee-fees hurt: Uncomfortable, but you recover.
Getting your ass killed: Just a 'smidgen' more severe than 'uncomfortable', you never recover.