Wednesday, May 04, 2022

We do not have a Patriarchy

Josh O'Brien writes:
Feminists often chatter about ‘Patriarchy’ as if it is an indisputable fact of life. Rarely do they acknowledge anything to the contrary. It can be time-consuming and difficult to put together a factual, adequately sourced, eloquent argument, especially since it’s so blatantly obvious to anyone with common sense, and your arguments will likely be cherry picked, ignored, or blocked. So this article is essentially a handy guide to disproving patriarchy, very quickly.

Patriarchy is defined as a system in which all of the societal power is held by men as a class, and is used to oppress women as a class. ...

The spheres are social, political, economic, and educational. The group which controls the majority of these spheres is the group with the power. Feminists claim that the group with control is men. Let’s see how that holds up to some critical thinking. Hint: Not well.

First, Educational. In the educational sphere it is clear that women have the power. ...

Second, Political. In the political sphere, women still have more power. Women are the majority of the electorate in the majority of states.

Thirdly, moving onto the Economic sphere. Despite producing and being responsible for the existence of less than 50% of the US’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product), an estimated 63% of it is controlled by women. Yes, women control over half of the US’ GDP, despite not producing even half of it. That means that they control not only their own money but some of men’s money, too. ...

Finally the Social sphere. More difficult to quantify, but just as easy to understand. All throughout society there are obligations for men that place power in female hands. ...

Now, the Social sphere is the only one which I can see being contested, as it cannot be factually quantified, but even if the social sphere were male controlled, that would still be 3 spheres under female control, a majority. Thus meaning: women would still have the majority of control in society.

So no, we don’t live in a patriarchy.

Update: Here is a comment from someone who calls herself "Feminist Bitch" and probably believes in the Patriarchy:
Explain to me, Scott, why I should believe your devotion to “women’s bodily autonomy” when you have, more or less, said that nerdy incelbros should be given sex slaves by the government.
Scott said the opposite, of course. The FB drew this response:
And now you want me to donate money to SUPPORT WOMEN’S RIGHTS???? What about my fucking rights? I’m an incel and the entire world is at war with me basically just for existing. Incels are the most demonized group in America or anywhere. Where the FUCK is our fundraiser???? Where the fuck are our marches???? ...

Explain why I should care about this Scott. When the world doesn’t give one flying shit about me.

Yes, our society is organized around convenient and available sexual relations for women, but not for men like the above incel.

Update: Scott responds:

And there seems to be little doubt that, as soon as the Republicans once again have unified control of the federal government, they’ll push through a national ban on abortion, imposing theocratic values on California and Connecticut and all the rest. ... After that, it’s anyone’s guess how far back in time we’re going to go. ... That’s why this is a huge deal, one of the biggest political cataclysms of most of our lifetimes.
Scott is a smart man, but is brainwashed with typical Jewish Leftist academic thinking.

Update: A "Feminist in Tech" responded that some nerd once tried to kiss her at a work party, that some guys just don’t deserve sex, and that incels should be outed and fired from their jobs. Feminist maliciousness is worse than I thought.

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