Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Daily Stormer is Back

The Daily Stormer is back online at
This site IS NOT associated with the government of Rwanda in any way.

However, we will be doing some cultural articles about the cultures of Rwanda in order to inform people about those cultures, in honor of our domain name.

It is just another political site. It should not have to use Rwanda DNS to have a web site.

Some stories are favorable to Russia or China. If that bugs you, you do not have to read them. It also has stories that would be called bigoted. It used to pretent to be neo-Nazi in order to trigger its enemies, but it does not bother anymore. The Left is much more easily triggered.

Or read the NY Times, where today's issue tells me that the Buffalo shooter manifesto is not real, because one of the cited articles was disavowed by a university:

“We are appalled that a 2013 article by John Gaski, an associated professor at Notre Dame, was cited by the perpetrator of the heinous murders of innocent people in Buffalo,” vice president of public affairs and communications Joel Curran said in the University’s statement. “Whatever Professor Gaski’s intentions, we deeply regret that his words were used to support a doctrine of racial hatred.”
Here is what the 2013 artcle said:
What of that larger race relations issue? It took zero lag-time after the original Trayvon Martin incident for race baiters such as Al Sharpton to accuse our country of engendering a climate of racist danger for black citizens.

This qualifies as anti-American slander of the first magnitude because the facts are to the contrary — if anyone still cares to know them.

But is there not an established tendency for blacks to be victims of interracial violence in the United States? Hasn't that been the recent media message? Message, yes; truth, no. Here are the suppressed and inconvenient facts:

About 90% of interracial violent crime in our nation is committed by blacks against whites. The black-on-white murder rate in the U.S. exceeds the white-on-black rate by about 2.5-to-1. The black-on-white assault and battery rate exceeds the corresponding white-on-black rate in this country by at least 10-to-1.

I would rather not report what is known about U.S. interracial rape statistics because it could be taken as incendiary, but the previous numbers in terms of black/white proclivity are dwarfed. (See Department of Justice, Criminal Victimization in the United States, "Victims and Offenders.")

OK, here's a hint: Because the number of white-on-black rapes is so low nationally in any given year, the ratio ranges from 100-to-1 to infinity. Liberal, politically correct feminists need to reflect on that one.

If these interracial crime ratios were randomly based, they would be uniform — that is, 1-to-1 — for the two racial groups. In other words, the population with six times as many potential victims also has six times the pool of perpetrators, so the effect of that disproportion should be perfectly offsetting arithmetically.

Yes, the relative crime stats would be moderated if adjusted for socioeconomic status (from astronomical to merely stratospheric), but by no means inverted.

The baseline conclusion is straightforward, even if surprising to readers who are victims themselves — victims of racial and racist propaganda. The hysterical public mantra of epidemic white-on-black violence is thus exposed as fraud.

The mainstream new media, and the stories surrounding Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Buffalo, etc. all give the impression that Whites are committing crimes against Blacks. The truth is the opposite. Blacks are committing crimes against Whites. Most Blacks would rather live among Whites than Blacks.

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