Monday, May 16, 2022

Do not say Manifesto, and do not Read It

NPR Radio reports:
Why NPR isn't using the word 'manifesto' ...

As anyone following the story now knows, the Buffalo shooter allegedly published a 180-page document online that repeats a series of racist conspiracy theories often referred to as the "Great Replacement" in an attempt to justify his plan to search out African Americans and murder them. It is very important that audiences know what the shooter's purported motives were and that the "Great Replacement" theory was part of them. That argument has moved from the far right fringes to more mainstream politics in recent years and the shooter's citing of it is newsworthy. ...

"The word 'manifesto,' " Memmott wrote, "also may elevate such a statement, in the eyes of those who might want to copy this person's actions, to something more than it might really have been."

Judge for yourself. Here is the Buffalo manifesto
Tarrant manifesto from the 2019 New Zealand Christchurch mosque shootings. The Wikipedia article on the Buffalo shooting refuses to include a link.

The mainstream news media like NPR and NY Times do the public a disservice when it tries to censor this information, or dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. These manifestos have many factual statements. Many are true, and commonly suppressed. Some are wrong. I am not sure about many of them. The conclusions are criminal.

Many important issues are raised. Maybe if they were being addressed in our political system, then they would not be used as an excuse to commit horrible crimes.

Update: The manifesto mentioned the Daily Stormer web site, among many others, and now it has been shut down.

The DS has a lot of biting political commentary, and links to news stories. It opposes violence. It is especially against crimes like the Buffalo shooting. We do not have free speech.

Update: Here is a graph of White Replacement, in Buffalo. Yes, it is real.

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MikeAdamson said...

I generally prefer not to give such killers too much publicity but if average people read such writings then they would gain an understanding of how ridiculous the Replacement theory is.