Monday, January 31, 2022

The Kamloops Hate Crime Hoax

Do you remember the big NY Times story about mass graves of Canadian eskimo kids? It turns out that it was all a big hoax:
It said the remains of 215 children had been found on the grounds of what was known as the Kamloops Residential Indian School, run by the Order of Mary Immaculate from 1893 to 1969, and by the Canadian government for a few years after that.

The worldwide assumption was that vicious nuns had either killed these children or let them die and covered the whole thing up.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grieved over the “dark and shameful chapter” in Canadian history and ordered all national flags be flown at half-mast. ...

Mr. Trudeau said burning churches was “unacceptable and wrong,” but also that it was “understandable.” ...

Not one body has been found where Miss Beaulieu said they were. No one has dared to look. It now appears that the radar findings were of tree roots and other soil disturbances.

And this huge story may be another hoax:
The militia members who allegedly plotted to kidnap Michigan's Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer because of her COVID-19 lockdown policies will go to trial in just a few weeks. Six were charged in connection with the plot, and one of them has already pleaded guilty and is expected to testify against the rest. State authorities charged eight others with aiding a terrorist plot. But the government's case against these 14 alleged extremists relies on work done by at least a dozen government informants and undercover FBI agents whose extensive involvement in the plot calls into question whether it would have moved forward at all without the government's prodding. Some of these government actors took lead roles in organizing the supposed plot—one of the informants was even paid $54,000 by the FBI. Taken together, these and other details raise the strong possibility that the militia members were victims of entrapment on the part of the FBI.
It is likely that the Jan. 6 insurrection charges will be another case of entrapment. The only conspiracies were among fringe groups that were led by FBI informants.

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