Saturday, January 29, 2022

New French Law Promotes LGBT Conversions

RT reports:
EU country bans gay ‘conversion therapy’ The new French law, which authorizes jail time and fines for practitioners, was unanimously passed
EU country bans gay ‘conversion therapy’

Lawmakers in France’s National Assembly have given their unanimous backing to a new law which prohibits so-called ‘gay conversion therapy’, voting 142-0.

The new law, passed on Tuesday, prohibits attempts to “convert” LGBTQ people to heterosexuality or traditional gender roles. It also grants authorities the right to seek criminal charges against practitioners of conversion therapy.

Sustained efforts to “aim to modify or reprimand sexual orientation or gender identity,” which negatively influence the physical or mental health of victims, will be punishable by up to two years imprisonment and €30,000 ($34,000) in fines.

Penalties can be increased to three years imprisonment and fines of €45,000 ($50,000) when the victim is a minor or another vulnerable member of society.

Under the new legislation, campaigners will now be able file civil suits on behalf of victims of conversion therapy. The measure was hailed in parliament as a vital move to safeguard those who hesitate or are unable to alert police themselves.

There are no penalties for trying to convery a child into homosexuality.

The law lets a nosey third party initiate the legal action.

This passed unanimously!

It is sometimes said that the conversion therapies do not work. However that is obviously not the case, or France would not be passing a law like this.

The last time I looked at the research, the success rate for conversion therapy was comparable to that of other psychotherapies.

This shows how far we have degenerated that no one in France is willing to stand up and say that parents have a right to teach their kids to behave straight.

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