Wednesday, January 12, 2022

ACLU Attacks Jewish Supremacy

A Jewish site reports:
The @ACLU human rights head rails about "Jewish supremacy." A brief history of that term. ...

Nowadays, however, the phrase "Jewish supremacy" is used far more often by the Left than the Right.

Apparently Jewish Supremacy was an issue in Germany all the way back to 1880.

I had thought that Hitler invented German anti-semitism in the 1920s by finding a poor defenseless ethnic group, and using them as scapegoats for other problems. No, it turns out that Germans had been concerned about Jewish supremacy for decades before Hitler.

One article said Jews were outcompeting Germans in the intellectual and commercial race. Another said:

Jews ... form a race who do not produce any results due to their own labor. Their sole desire is to derive the benefits of others' labor by tricks and frauds. I hold that the Jewish spirit is corrupting the gentiles.
A Newsweek essay on this subject complains that Hitler wrote:
Hence it is that at the present time the Jew is the great agitator for the complete destruction of Germany. Whenever we read of attacks against Germany taking place in any part of the world the Jew is always the instigator. In peace-time, as well as during the War, the Jewish-Marxist stock-exchange Press systematically stirred up hatred against Germany, until one State after another abandoned its neutrality and placed itself at the service of the world coalition, even against the real interests of its own people.

The Jewish way of reasoning thus becomes quite clear. The Bolshevization of Germany, that is to say, the extermination of the patriotic and national German intellectuals, thus making it possible to force German Labour to bear the yoke of international Jewish finance--that is only the overture to the movement for expanding Jewish power on a wider scale and finally subjugating the world to its rule. As has so often happened in history, Germany is the chief pivot of this formidable struggle. If our people and our State should fall victims to these oppressors of the nations, lusting after blood and money, the whole earth would become the prey of that hydra. Should Germany be freed from its grip, a great menace for the nations of the world would thereby be eliminated.

Obviously Hitler thought that Jewish Communists were a threat to Germany, and to the world.

This Newsweek essay also concludes that the real anti-semites are the leftists who side with the Arab Moslems against Israel.

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