Friday, January 14, 2022

More Sick Advice from NY Times

The NY Times is getting sicker all the time. Here is news:
An upsurge in teenagers requesting hormones or surgeries to better align their bodies with their gender identities has ignited a debate among doctors over when to provide these treatments.

An international group of experts focused on transgender health last month released a draft of new guidelines, the gold standard of the field that informs what insurers will reimburse for care.

Many doctors and activists praised the 350-page document, which was updated for the first time in nearly a decade, for including transgender people in its drafting and for removing language requiring adults to have psychological assessments before getting access to hormone therapy.

But the guidelines take a more cautious stance on teens. A new chapter dedicated to adolescents says that they must undergo mental health assessments and must have questioned their gender identity for “several years” before receiving drugs or surgeries.

Experts in transgender health are divided on these adolescent recommendations, reflecting a fraught debate over how to weigh conflicting risks for young people, who typically can’t give full legal consent until they are 18 and who may be in emotional distress or more vulnerable to peer influence than adults are.

Some of the drug regimens bring long-term risks, such as irreversible fertility loss.

I am not sure which is worse -- sterilizing children with or without psychiatric endorsement. No, this is not gender alignment, or a gold standard, or a legitimate medical treatment. This is mutilation to pursue a sick sexual fantasy.

Here is advice to parents of a daughter having an affair with a married man:

Try to understand, as best you can, what your daughter likes about this arrangement and how it satisfies her.

As a show of respect, read up on polyamory before you broach the subject with her.

I suppose they are going to tell us that polyamorous people are born that way, as they now say for pedophilia.

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