Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mag says USA is White Supremacist

An Atlantic mag article makes a detailed case that the USA is a white supremacist nation, and always has been. It was so extreme that it was an inspiration to the German Nazis:
What the Nazis “found exciting about the American model didn’t involve just eugenics,” observes James Q. Whitman, a professor at Yale Law School and the author of Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law (2017). “It also involved the systematic degradation of Jim Crow, of American deprivation of basic rights of citizenship like voting.” Nazi lawyers carefully studied how the United States, despite its pretense of equal citizenship, had effectively denied that status to those who were not white. They looked at Supreme Court decisions that withheld full citizenship rights from nonwhite subjects in U.S. colonial territories. They examined cases that drew...arbitrary but hard lines around who could be considered “white.” The Nazis reviewed the infamous “one-drop rule,” which defined anyone with any trace of African blood as black, and “found American law on mongrelization too harsh to be embraced by the Third Reich.”
I also sometimes see the argument that the USA represented the idea that all people are equal.

Which is it?

I realize that the magazine is run by white-haters who are always looking for excuses to transfer wealth from whites to non-whites, but these articles might have the opposite effect.

If the USA has always been a white supremacist nation, with non-whites always being unwelcome visitors, then maybe it should expel all the non-whites. That might be the inference.

I think that is why the white-haters usually claim that the USA is dedicated to the equality of all people. But that seems to be changing. Now Democrat candidates are openly pushing for whites to pay reparations to non-whites.

Volvo announces:
Head of R&D Henrik Green said cameras will be installed on all Volvo models built on its SPA2 platform for larger cars, starting from the XC90 SUV in the early part of the next decade, before being added to smaller cars built on its CMA platform. Volvo said intervention if the driver is found to be drunk, tired or distracted by checking a mobile phone - among the biggest factors in accidents - could involve limiting the car's speed, alerting the Volvo on Call assistance service, or slowing down and parking the car.
Before long, these devices will also check for racist speech. Blacks will be allowed to use the N-word, but if a white driver uses it, then the car will slow down, park, lock the doors, and alert the authorities.

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