Friday, March 29, 2019

Finns are too nice for their own good

A new book says that Finns are too nice for their own good. Their leaders nearly sold them out to the Communists. They survived that, but now they are being sold out to the Moslem invaders, and their nation is being destroyed.

This isn't just a matter of differing religious beliefs. Finns have evolved to have a society that only works if they are kept free of certain types of predators.

If this book is right, then Finns have a choice: either expel the Moslems, or watch Moslems slowly take over and make Finland more Lebanon.

I have no idea what the Finns will do, but it seems likely that some European countries will go Moslem, and some will expel the Moslems. We are headed for war, unless someone figures out more sensible policies.

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