Wednesday, March 06, 2019

House to condemn Moslem remark about Jews

The NY Times reports:
A formal condemnation of anti-Semitism that is up for a vote in the House this week has touched off a furious debate between older House Democrats and their young liberal colleagues over whether Representative Ilhan Omar is being singled out for unfair treatment over her statements on Israel.

The resolution, likely to be voted on Thursday, grew out of Ms. Omar’s suggestion last week that pro-Israel activists were pushing “for allegiance to a foreign country” — a remark that infuriated leading Jewish members of the House, who say it played into the anti-Semitic trope of “dual loyalty.” ...

An early draft of the anti-Semitism resolution that was circulated on Capitol Hill Tuesday — before the language about Muslims was added — does not name Ms. Omar. But there is little question it is aimed at her.
Muslims are the only ones who hate the Jews for who they are. The Koran says that Allah cursed Jews by turning them into apes and pigs.

Yes, pro-Israel activists are pushing for allegiance to a foreign country. That is an obvious fact, regardless of what you think about Jews.

The draft resolution is amazing, as it even defends the notorious Jewish pervert and murderer Leo Frank. It recites other Jewish myths and hoaxes. Instead of blaming Muslims who hate Jews, it blames White Christians. It doesn't really deny that Jews are anti-American, but instead complains that perpetuating stereotypes could have dangerous consequences.

Yes, truth can have dangerous consequences also.

I am surprised that Jews believe that they are advancing their cause with this resolution. Presumably they want to show off how they can exercise political power to denounce White Christians.

In case you doubt the correctness of what Omar said about US support for Israel, consider:
Back in 2018, at the Israeli-American Council (IAC) national conference, Pelosi declared that even if the US Capitol “crumbled to the ground,” the one thing that would remain is US aid to and cooperation with Israel, declaring, “That’s fundamental to who we are.”
Update: The Federalist rants:
The first, harkening back to her claims that Israel is “hypnotizing the world,” is that Jews are using their money to buy off the American government’s support of Israel. ...

The second claim is that American Jews who support Israel are engaged in dual loyalty. That their real allegiance is not to the United States but to Israel and Judaism. This is also an ancient and disquieting claim, ...

After all, as Ocasio-Cortez recently said, Jews are basically just white people complicit in white supremacy, a bizarre claim ...
He doesn't really dispute these claims. He is just mad that someone is saying them.

I think he prefers that Jews are complicit in Jewish supremacy, as the Jewish supremacists disassociate themselves from whites.
But frankly, as bad as the anti-Semitism itself is, arguably worse is that they are telling Jews that it isn’t. They are arrogantly claiming to understand what anti-Semitism is better than Jews do themselves.

Who gets to decide what is anti-Semitic? ...

As someone of Jewish descent, I want to make one thing perfectly clear to both Omar and Ocasio-Cortez: You don’t get to decide what is and isn’t anti-Semitic. Claiming that Jews are buying influence and are not loyal Americans is anti-Semitic. It’s not a trope, it’s a slur.
Now we get to his real issue. As a Jew, his position is that Jews should get to dictate what non-Jews say.

It does not matter if it is factually correct that there is a Jewish lobby that supports Israel. Jews say that acknowledging the fact is anti-Semitic, so the Jewish supremacists like him and their allies like Nancy Pelosi are going to condemn any non-Jew is fails to obey Jewish orders on what to say.

Update: House Democrats have decided to scrap the resolution. Apparently anti-Semitism is okay with them after all, since they could not figure out a good way to blame it all on White Christian men.

Update: The House did pass a revised resolution. It dropped the language about Leo Frank, and added a bunch of clauses blaming White Christian men, even tho it was triggered by non-white Moslem women criticizing Jews. Jews will blame white Christian men no matter what.

It refers to the "myth of dual loyalty and foreign allegiance". That is not a myth, as can be seen by opposition to Trump's Wall. Almost all of the opposition to the Wall is by those with loyalties outside the USA.

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