Thursday, March 21, 2019

Humans and chimps are not really so similar

From an Interview with a Geneticist:
My motivation started when I arrived here and was given the task of researching the human-chimpanzee similarity issue because people ask about this in churches. They hear the claim that humans and chimps are 98 to 99% similar. People want to know if that’s true. ...

It’s very important to theoretical evolutionists. ... Their statistical models need that 98 to 99% similarity. ...

Based on my work, I’m seeing not more than an 85% DNA similarity of chimpanzee to human, and that’s a maximum. It’s probably less than that. ...

There’ve been some recent biomedical researchers showing that any two human genomes could be 4.5% different from each other. We used to think that human genomes were only 99.9% similar to each other. But if we take the structural differences into account, there’s a 4.5% difference between humans. How then can we be 99% similar to a chimp? It’s totally nonsense.
You often hear that the human genome has been completely sequenced, but it has really been only 95% sequenced.

I got this from a creationist site, so you might want to confirm it with evolutionists.

I have cited that 98%+ similarity on this blog myself. I did not realize that the figure might be bogus. I was duped. I am happy to correct myself.

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