Tuesday, January 01, 2019

What I learned in 2018

At the end of each year, I like to take note of issues where I have changed my mind.

California has been lost. California used to be a paradise about 50 years ago. Then it imported about 20M people, mostly from Third World countries. The schools went from the best in the USA, to only 30% White and the worst. Half the state is on welfare. No Republicans can ever get elected to statewide office, and in a few years, no Whites will be electable either. The real estate is all owned by rich people. The middle class Whites are leaving the state.

The rest of the USA is probably similarly doomed. Hardly anyone has learned the lessons of the California immigration experiment. Maybe President Trump, but he is hated for it. We are in the midst of the dramatic demographic replacement in the history of mankind, and the pro-immigration forces have gained the upper hand. I do not see how it can be stopped.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix are evil. So are all the others who actively work to shut down legitimate opinions with censorship, de-platforming, and name-calling.

MeTooism is the most destructive social trend in a long time.

I used to regularly denounce identity politics. Now I think that it is human nature. Democracy and multiculturalism are incompatible. White people need to accept what the rest of the world accepted long ago.

I used to think of people as intelligent autonomous beings. I would give them credit for having informed and considered opinions, even if they didn't. Now I think that it makes more sense to treat people like 4-year-olds. Most human-human interactions are at about the level of a 4yo child. I just watched a TV documentary on some advanced scientific theories, but even it could have been all explained to 4yo children, if they had wanted to.

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